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"Thank you for always coming through for us for our performance, payment and maintenance bonds!"
Isabel / Contractor
"I turned to Unique Surety when I had difficulties obtaining an administrator's bond for a complicated probate processing. I have used Unique ever since."
Regal / Attorney
"A rare and select family owned company with the experience of a Fortune 500 company."
Ron /
Facilities Manager

Unique Surety issues all types of surety bonds for all types of industries and services throughout the USA, Caribbean and Western Europe.

We issue all types of bonds from construction industry bonds to court, fidelity & supersedeas (appeal) bonds.

surety-bondsBid bonds, performance bonds, payment bonds, maintenance bonds, all court bonds, equipment leasing bonds, manufacturing supply bonds, service industry bonds, financial guarantee & completion bonds, technology contract bonds, energy bonds and government contract project bonds are just a sample of the variety of surety bonds we provide!

We are agents with the power of attorney to issue surety bonds for over a dozen of the leading highly rated surety bond carriers in the marketplace!
Call 800-321-1007 to experience what we call, "the ease of getting it done!"

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All Industries.
All Types of Surety bonds.

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